Welcome to Picassa Home Goods

Our collection offers unique custom pieces for your home and your life, including child-friendly furniture, multi-functional pieces, and fine household décor to suit your individual style. We are proud of our creative design and adherence to environmentally safe standards in restoration techniques and surfacing – helping you create a home that is beautiful, harmonious and healthy.

The Woman Behind Picassa Home Goods

“Everything has a purpose, and with care and attention to detail, new purposes can be created.” ~ Giselle Pichardo, Founder/Design Director, Picassa Home Goods

Giselle personally oversees each collection, curating the pieces with experience and individuality. Her depth of experience in repurposing home décor inspires her use of quality natural woods, and distinct detailings in metal, cork, and bas relief. Many of the prints used for home goods accessories are Giselle’s original designs and focus on combining authentic textures with her exquisite sense of color.

“My husband and I are delighted with the beautiful pieces Giselle found and repurposed for us. We trust her sense of design and color… our home feels so much more peaceful, spacious and welcoming now!” ~ Sharon R., Bergen County, NJ




Home Staging

Home Staging

Attract the perfect buyer for your home and close the deal with ease – all it takes is a bit of Feng Shui magic in staging your home.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui guides choice and placement of furniture, and harmonizes the energy of your home through color, light, sound, and organic elements. Clearing and re-balancing the energy of your home is the fundamental first step in easing stress, renewing good health, creating loving relationships and happy families.